What are the types of membership on offer?

Craft Gin Club currently offers two types of membership; our standard recurring plans and our annual gift memberships. With both types of membership we offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly options. We do not currently offer one-month gift boxes.

When purchasing a gift membership, you are required to pay up front for all boxes and our prices start from £160. After purchase you will be emailed a personalised gift certificate. The membership will automatically expire after the final box has arrived and we will email them notifying them of this.

Our standard recurring plans are pay-per box and you will be charged according to your membership frequency. For instance, if you are on a quarterly plan you will be charged £40 every three months.  Our standard memberships are extremely flexible and can be upgraded/downgraded, paused or cancelled at anytime. We also do not require a contract so you are free to leave whenever you like!

To make any changes to your account, simply drop us an email (members@craftginclub.co.uk). 

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